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Deft Recoup is a reliable funds and crypto scam recovery firm that specializes in recovering funds lost to fraudulent persons or organizations. We aid victims of such losses to get their money back in the most practical and stress-free way.

Here, we ride on years of expertise and experience and also boast a very dedicated and devoted staff who are committed to ensuring that our clients' needs are well taken care of. Dealing with the aftermath of financial fraud can be overwhelming and stressful, which is why we are committed to providing our clients with compassionate, personalised support throughout the entire recovery process.

At Deft Recoup , we take your case PERSONAL and leave nothing to chance in the quest to help you.

Due to repeated requests from our ever-growing clientelle and our drive and passion for helping victims of online fraud, we decided to create this platform to provide easy and seamless support to persons who have been victims to unscrupulous scammers. Above all, we are now driven and more determined than ever to ensure that victims get the justice they deserve and they also get it quickly.

Reach out to us today to benefit immensely from our quick cryptocurrency scam recovery strategy.

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Deft Recoup is a reliable recovery firm that specializes in recovering funds lost to fraudulent persons or organizations.

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We offer recovery services for Cryto-scamsBinary Options ScamOnline Casino ScamsPrize Money ScamsForex ScamsLottery ScamsStock Trading Scams

Our team consists of experts with expertise and experience in a wide range of online scams. They possess the technical know-how to help you irrespective of the manner in which you have lost your money. With Deft Recoup, you can be sure you are in safe hands



Binary Options Scam

This scam continues to remain very popular amongst online scammers. Although Binary Options trading does present a huge opportunity to make money, it does require a certain level of expertise, therefore a novice might lose a lot of money. This presents an opportunity to online scammers who pose as gurus or reputable companies claiming to help people trade. Immediately money is paid to them, they disappear into thin air. It is best to always research on any person or company before giving them your money. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of this, contact us now. We can get you your money back.

Lottery Scam

We have probably all had it more than once, that strange call or text that tells you that you won a prize from a lottery you didn't partake in. If you ever get a call or text like this, the best thing is to ignore it because there is a scam in progress. You would usually be requested to pay some money to "facilitate" the release or get your prize sent to you. Once you pay them any money, you can be sure you wouldn't be hearing from them any longer. Let us help you track them down today.

Online Casino Scam

The gaming industry is a very lucrative industry raking in a lot of money every year. There are many avenues to making money online in the gaming industry. Online casinos are one of the ways to make money, however , it can also be an easy way to lose a lot of money. Some online casinos are setup by scammers who lure victims to play games which are rigged to always ensure that players lose. Be very careful to online engage in online gaming or casinos from reputable companies.

Crypto Scam

One of the most common ways by which people are conned and made to part with their money is through crypto scams. The crypto space, by it's very nature, is very unregulated and this leaves room for scammers to perpetuate their deeds and go undetected. We always advice to be careful of investments in crypto that are too good to be true because they might just be to lure you into parting with your money. If you have ever lost crypto to a scam entity or company. Please do reach out to us, we can help you.

Online Banking Scam

This entails scammers masquerading as your bank's officials and purporting to help you resolve some issues with your account. They go on to ask for very personal information which you should not be sharing with a stranger but of course, you probably think they are really your bank's officials and so you share them these details which them gives them access to your money. If you have ever been a victim of this , we are more than capable of helping you get your money back.

Forex Scams

Forex is derived from "Foreign Currency Exchange". This is the process of changing one currency into another. The foreign exchange market is where currencies are traded. Trading currencies can be risky and complex and requires expertise to make money from it. As this is a lucrative venture, scammers pose as fake broker or gurus, purporting to give people tips or help people trade. It is important to do an independent research on anyone or company claiming to be a broker so that you don't fall victim to this scam

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    What stands out for me in particular about the Deft Recoup team is their amazing attention to detail. They never leave anything to chance. You can tell that they are absolute professionals at this. I highly recommend them!


      I was almost hospitalized when I discovered I had been conned by a fake company that posed as a forex broker. This realization left me devastated for weeks until I came across Deft Recoup. I decided to take a chance with them and my oh my , it paid off. They were able to track down the company and recover my money to the last dime.


        I will always be grateful for the tenacious team at Deft Recoup that worked tirelessly to see that my money was recovered. It is highly unbelievable that a firm like this can exist. They really know how to get the job done. They don't waste your time, they are very direct and straight to the point in their approach. I'm glad I trusted them to recover my money.


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